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Feature Request: Show password



Now that we have lost the ability that was pushed for  years to be able to use Evernote on all of our devices and from other computers anywhere,  it is especially troublesome now that Evernote no longer remembers our userid and passwords if the devices are reduced to two.

This is a big problem on Android and I imagine other small devices without keyboards.   It takes me upward from a dozen tries to try to enter my password even when I know exactly what it is,  I cannot see what I typed.   Even trying very carefully that each letter is entered correctly, I may end up with more characters than my actual password has, but more frequently, I expect, "a" and "e" get the wrong character.

If it is too difficult or you think it spoils to look and feel to put in a "show password" in the dialog, please make it show what is entered after two failures.

David McRitchie



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Hi.  It's news to me that we lost any abilities " to be able to use Evernote on all of our devices " - you can sign in from anywhere via a browser,  and if you sign in on a 3rd device - having already connected two to a Basic account - Evernote will politely ask which of the existing connections you'd like to replace for the third device. 

Also don't see how that relates to passwords,  but if you use a password manager - http://uk.pcmag.com/password-managers-products/4296/guide/the-best-password-managers-of-2016 - you can auto-fill password slots.  My preference is LastPass,  which includes fingerprint verification to open the app.

I agree though that lots of apps show what you've typed if you click an icon.  If you're in favour of this idea,  click the counter at the top left of the page!


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