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Problem of pop-up notifying 'Monthly upload reached'

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1. I am using evernote basic-version.

2. My account summary shows I still have 27% data i.e. 16.8 Mb monthly usage.

3. still I am getting notification in every now and then and when ever I make any changes in my notes.

4. even if I have reached my 'monthly upload limit' , HOW CAN I STOP THIS POP UP NOTIFICATION ??? so that I can save my work locally ( as it says ) and synchronise them next month .

5. I tried to disable 'automatic synchronisation'. but it doesn't work.

6. I am a student, not able to revise (read) my notes due to this annoying pop-up notification.

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It sounds as if your monthly upload limit has not been reset on your Desktop.

1 hour ago, NARENDRA TRIPATHI said:

2. My account summary shows I still have 27% data i.e. 16.8 Mb monthly usage.

 Are you seeing this on https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action, or within Evernote for Windows Desktop when you select: Tools>Account info? 

If Evernote Web states you have upload left, but Evernote for Windows Desktop indicates you've reached your limit, please follow these steps to fix this:

- Go to: https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action
- Find your PC and select Revoke access. 
- Log back into Evernote on your PC. 


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I am experiencing a similar Problem and have followed the instructions above to no avail.

After checking the remaining usage I logged  out of my Evernote Windows Desktop and removed the devices (all devices, just to be sure) from the account.

Remaining usage according to Evernote Web is 60 MB, but after signing on again with Evernot Windows, the desktop client still tells me, that 59.6 MB were already used up and my remaining period is 30 days.

How can I reset the desktop client?

Thank you very much.

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15 hours ago, jaredlovesmaia said:

Hi there: my account seems to permanently have the red exclamation mark over the sync button and the quota reached message in the activity log, but my account (both desktop and web) say I've got over 9GB of data left, so why isn't it syncing?


Go to All Notes context and hold the Ctrl key while pressing the sync icon.  This will display a list of note(s) that aren't syncing, if you have any.  If you do have some, edit the notes in some way and sync again.  See it that helps..

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