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Chrome Suggestions for Webclipper and YouTube



I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube, searching for videos, copying the short URL, description, running time, and publication date of the clip, so loved the new feature of Evernote automatically putting that information into a note.

Would love to see a few things to make this new feature even better:

  1. Grab the publication date of the clip for the note, otherwise I run the risk of accessing out-of-date clips.
  2. Grab the running time as well, since that is another way I must determine the relevance of the video (for example, needing only a 5 minute max clip from 2016 for a 20 minute dog-and-pony show.
  3. One last request:  All of my clips go into one notebook for sorting, but would always like any clips of YouTube videos go into another folder automatically.  Tried changing the destination notebook for each YouTube clip, and that got to be irritating, so now send all to the "incoming" notebook, then transfer over to the video folder, also a bit irritating. Having the ability to send PDFs to one folder, YouTube clip info to another, and all of the rest to the "incoming" folder would be a wonderful thing.


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