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Table content disappears, cannot be undone

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My wife uses Evernote to organise her study notes. I am writing on her behalf because she has an appointment now but this is urgent. Today this happened:

She was editing a table inside a note. She selected some content inside the table and formatted it. The content of the entire table disappeared. The table was empty.

She tried to undo the formatting by hitting CMD+Z. Nothing happened. She tried "Edit" -> "Undo", but it was deactivated. Undo did not work.

We are sure that this was not an editing error by my wife. If it were (e.g. she accidentally hit backspace or CMD+X), undo would bring the previous state back. Instead this must be an error inside Evernote.

Desperate to get the data back she clicked "Note" -> "Note history", only to be asked to upgrade to Premium.

Premium costs 59.99 Euros per year. There is no monthly subscription and apparently no way to cancel a subscription early.

All we want is get my wife's data back. The table contains weeks of work.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi.  Please login and raise a support request for this,  choosing 'lost data' as a category if you can - we're a user forum,  so you're mainly talking to other users here.  There have been comments before on the forums that table formatting is a less than perfect process,  and that there is no (or very limited) recovery from changes/ errors;  but there has not (AFAIK) been a suggestion that formatting one part of the table will delete the whole content.. 

Note History will certainly recover any part of the note that had been synced to Evernote's servers,  provided it had been there for some hours.  Recent changes and edits-in-progress therefore won't necessarily be present:  but at least you can recover previous days' work.  The feature is retro-active,  which means the information is already saved,  and even if your wife goes Premium for only one month,  you'll have access to the feature for that period.  I don't know whether Evernote will be able to offer you any other options.

They should be interested to get full details of the processes which led to this loss though,  to replicate it and investigate a possible bug.

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Hi gazumped,

thank you very much for your prompt reply and your help recommendations. I'm the wife. :)

I already tried to contact support - but here's the point: to do that i need to upgrade my license. As a basic user I'm only allowed to use this user community - i cannot talk to support directly. Can that be? This is really frustrating. In order to talk to someone and get my content back I need to pay the annual fee? 

Unfortunately there's no category "lost data". I can only jump from "Evernote application" to "Evernote notes" to "handling of tables" or "access to note versions". And there i only get generic "how-to" handbook information - not specific "tell your problem" - Window. :(

Would you know what to do? Thank you very much. 


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Hi.  A quick Google translate says you found the right category - apologies;  I was under the impression that this would get you a link to raise a ticket.  Try tweeting @EvernoteHelps to contact the company that way - an employee will probably read this thread in the next 24 hours or so,  but I appreciate you want a quick response on this...

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Hello. We solved it by upgrading for one month, paid the 7 € / month and cancelled directly. It's frustrating as i pay now for a bug - that's how it feels. By this i was able to recover the data from the history menu. That was really easily and quickly done. 

But i will remove all my data now from Evernote. This is too unsafe for me - i don't want this to happen again. How can a function like "data history" be so hidden and price-tricky. I'm disappointed by this management practice. It's certainly not a virtuous practice. 

Still, thank you very much for your kind and quick offer to help. That really was a big help! Greatly appreciated. 




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I finally found a way to upgrade to premium for 1 month and did so. We were able to recover the table's contents.

Needless to say that you should not have to pay 6.99 Euros to fix an error caused by Evernote.

Thank you, gazumped, for trying to help us.

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No problem.  Glad you got your content back. 

It's a little hard to assign blame here - we still don't know what actually happened;  and if you read on through the forums,  you'll find we frequently recommend keeping backup copies of your notes and -for important notes- working on copies rather than originals,  or working in separate applications like Word and then attaching the file to a note,  or exporting the content to a note. 

Random bad things do happen when using technology - and there seems to be a rule that really bad things only happen to the most important files (or notes).


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This has just happened to me - the exact same way. I selected some text inside the table and formatted it and the entire table bar an empty row disappeared. I have just paid for premium but history last saved 3 hours ago.

I just spent 2 hours making a table - this is an absolute joke and I am now out of pocket for nothing. This issue is from 2016 and Evernote has still not fixed the bug. What a con. 

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On 4/17/2021 at 2:57 PM, Booboo said:

This issue is from 2016

Hi.  Sorry to hear of your issue,  but if no-one else raised this in the past 4 years, it's not exactly a common issue.  Or a 'bug'.  And if you did pay for premium,  you're still showing as a free user here.  As a subscriber you'll be able to report the issue to Support to get some assistance.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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