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Request: File picker in Evernote for iOS



My work routine relies heavily on storing successive versions of files I'm working on in the same note, and right now I can only do this on my Mac, not on my iPhone or iPad.

When will we be able to attach files (other than photos) to an existing note in Evernote for iOS ? I can't imagine being alone in sorely needing this feature.

Every major—and not so major—competitor to Evernote allows this. iOS now makes it trivially easy to implement.

It would be a fantastic improvement that would require minimal effort.


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I totally agree with Rubin. I have been waiting for this feature to be available for years. And I want more than a Goggle Drive integration. I want to be able to add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud...

I have been "forced" to use "Screens VNC" app to log on my Mac and use features not available on iOS from the iPad Pro. It works but what a pain. How about being able to copy a PDF from one note to another ?

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