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Whats about providing an API, instead of trying to implement only a part of great ideas from your customers. So we can build our own features. Because I think, the community has great ideas, but EN is unable to serve them all. An API would be the best compromiss for creating cool things as (only a glimse from my mind):

  • Inline Tags (similar to Google Keep)
  • Inline Anchors / in connection with an Table of Content
  • "real" tables // the current implementation is really buggy
    • Tables with fixed header / footer
    • Tables with summary (calculating Columns)
    • Tables with column sort
    • Tabled with column filter
  • "real" formatting // the the ideas from Confluence
    • as real headlines
  • Additional meta information to an note
    • like a date range special note types
    • Or mark a note as template
  • Excerpts of a note (using the same Template everywhere and get all updates
  • Macros at all / Maybe a Macro Market?
  • An better search UI (at least under Windows / Android) - bec. the current works, but you need to remember all search terms instead of clicking them together
  • Outlining (collapsable list of information)
  • Checkboxes which inherite the state from child checkboxes
  • Different color for Evernote links in comparison to real links (I know you get green links if you drag a note to another, but this does not work with STRG-K
    • Speaking about links - why should we use 3! different shortcuts to edit a link? Why not only STRG+K as all other Win or Web-Apps work
  • Support for Markdown
  • Allow inline HTML Edititing (for advanced users)
  • Allow Inline Videos - An Note is just an HTML - why not support embedded Objects?
  • Preview of attached Office Documents / Google Documents - there are a plenty of Viewers available
  • Finding attachements based on the extension (this is already implemented, but in a real limited way - so I need to assign extra tags to find my attachements
  • Support of a global CSS to style your notes

....and many many more - thats just a few of my ideas ... but think about the power of the community....!


Don't get me wrong: I really love Evernote and I'm a Premium user since years. But I can't see any development to make things really usefull. Yes: EN 6.* for windows was a huge leap in the right direction, but there are sooo many missing features regarding to the editor - I can referate hours about the pros and cons of EN :-)

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2 hours ago, jefito said:

There already is an Evernote API (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/), but it deals with managing user account notes, so that you could write your own Evernote client, or do processing on your notes or whatever. Also see http://stackoverflow.com/tags/evernote. There is no API for the Windows desktop  (or for any other platform) client that I know of.

Thanks for reply. Creating an own UI would be one way - but in my opinion a to huge effort if you want to enhance only a small piece. E.g.: there are a lot of plugins for the Google Chrome or Firefox to enhance or change its features/capabilities. It would be to much to create an standalone browser only to create something like the beloved Evernote WebClipper / Clearly (which I still use) :-)

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