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Blue line around note, blue tags


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I copied text from a source and pasted it into a note. There is a blue border around note that prevents my editing the note, and there are what appear to be tags in the note's upper left corner--a blue "@" symbol and a blue eye symbol. What are these symbols, and how do I get rid of them and the blue border so that I can edit the note?

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It sounds like an image was inadvertently copied, or perhaps a screenshot was taken instead of copying text. The blue icons you see are the Annotate and View features, that are only available on images. If you right click, you should also have image-specific options such as "Annotate this image."

I'd go back to the original source and copy/paste again. If it still won't copy correctly (maybe an invisible canvas image is on the page), copy the text again and use the ctrl+shift+V keyboard shortcut to paste the text without formatting. You can also right click the empty note and choose "Paste and match style..." from the top section in the context menu.

If it's a website, I'd highly recommend the web clipper, which will allow you to clip selections directly to Evernote with ease.

I hope this helps.

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