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I have notes which contain a few links to other notes and text. They may be fairly long. 

While reading a note I might chose to follow a link to a different note. Once I have finished reading this "second level" note I would like to return to my original note ("first level"). Using the return button on the top left hand corner this is easy enough. I then end up and the beginning of the previous note. (even if the link was several scrolls down the note). 
I think it would be great to end up at the exact location where I clicked on the link sending me to my "second level" note. This would save me the time locating the exact position where I was before.

Would it be possible to integrate a function that would allow me to do this?

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Hi.  Try opening a note in its own window (double-click on the title) and set your preferences so that links open in their own window.  Then as your link window is closed,  you'll see the original note window exactly as you last left it.

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