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Losing Indentation With Code Blocks



When I'm pasting code into code blocks I'm losing my indentation.  See attachments.

I previously used Markdown Here for creating tables, headers, and code blocks.   My frustration is that when Evernote added code blocks (` and ```) Markdown Here no loger worked properly with Evernote Web, but Evernote's implementation is far from a suitable replacement.  Either do it right, or allows us to use plug-ins that will.



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Some tips to get MarkdownHere working again.

When using ``` specify a language, or none if you don't want syntax highlighting.  This will prevent Evernote from automatically creating code blocks. For example:


x = 1
if x == 1:
    print("x is 1.")




x = 1
if x == 1:
    print("x is 1.")


When use using ` for inline code use leading and trailing white space around your text.  For example:

` ps aux | pyp "line = x.split()" "print(line[1], line[-1])" | grep worker `


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