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A Valid Until Date Field - appears in Reminders



Whilst I have a lot of content that I need to keep for a long time, I also keep promotions, discount vouchers and travel information.

I would like something that is a little more versatile than a single reminder.

I get a discount voucher that is valid from today through until 30 August - I would like the note in my reminders everyday until it is no longer valid - marked as expired at the end (Note: not automatically deleted).

I have a boarding pass (Reminder on specific day) that I would like to retain until after my travel is complete (Reminder checked off, but valid until xx/xx/xx).


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Hi.  If you think this is a good idea for Mac and all other platforms,  please click the counter at the top left.  Personally I'm in two minds.  Evernote has been plagued with requests for a 'Due Date' since it started over 8 years ago.  Reminders is the most we got in all that time.  But given that reminders have a date feature - why use a separate date field?  I cam think of several ways that I use Evernote which might apply here.

  1. simplest - set a reminder for when you want to review the note and maybe delete it.  Check daily for new occurrences.
  2. if you want to differentiate between 'proper' reminders and note reviews,  have a 'Review' tag and search / sort lists by that tag.
  3. option - use a keyword+date in the title (you can set a text expander to insert the necessary prefix with one keypress) as in "Review 20160725";  searches will find all notes with titles containing 'Review' and dates older than today.
  4. option - use a check box + date + keyword.  Search for notes containing unchecked items plus keyword.  Add in the date if that's a long list.

There are probably more / more combinations that might fit your use case - and these aren't 'workarounds' - I'm using current Evernote features as they are designed to be used.

In general I'd prefer to avoid new features that make things more 'convenient' but also add complexity to the menu structure,  and -in this case- to the database.  That just adds to bloat without substantially improving workflow...


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2 hours ago, TimBUK said:

I would like the note in my reminders everyday until it is no longer valid - marked as expired at the end (Note: not automatically deleted).

The way I handle this today is I create a reminder due today and then in the body of the note put the details of when the expiration will occur.  I then use a saved search that will pull all reminders due today and are overdue so this one will keep popping up in daily checks until I decide to delete it or mark it complete.

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Another workaround would be to

  1. Create a tag like Voucher and add it to these voucher notes.  
  2. Put the end date in the reminder field.  
  3. Create a search tag:Voucher remindertime:day to display all vouchers with an end date from today on
  4. Add the saved search to the shortcuts bar.

Then whenever you click on the saved search you will see all eligible vouchers.  Sort by reminder time if you want to see them in order.

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Many thanks for the replies. I can see that whilst my request was to simplify my use, it would make things more complex overall.

I'm going to take the approach of Reminder Today and add an expiration to the Header - this will provide the functionality I need. Just needed to think about it a different way.


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