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Real Estate- going paperless

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I wanted to share how Evernote has helped go paperless in the Real Estate Industry.

Whenever I start working with a new buyer, I create a Notebook for such client. I have my sale note/journal, but more importantly, I create a note for any property they are interested in viewing.  I typically have two windows open, Evernote and the Local MLS website. Once they have selected a property to view, I copy and paste a new note under their Notebook. Whether they call/text me I always have my phone with me. I don't have to log in to the MLS. I always have a note of their selected property. I can answer any question regarding the details of the home. The contact numbers are highlighted and I can contact the agent directly from the note. 

When I take them out on appointment, no more carrying stacks of MLS sheets. I rename the notes as 1pm- 123 Main Street. I add any additional notes in the heading for access to a lockbox or showing instructions. 

I've been doing this for at least 2 years now and I have my notes with me whether on my Android phone, Ipad or if I sit down to use my Mac Pro. I feel safe knowing that my notes are synced across all devices and it's never let me down. 








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This time is coming closer and closer. I will miss paper because you put effort in every letter and soon AI will use grammar correction and people only will need to think about something and it will appear on screen. When AI tech will be connected to brain (something like Elon Musk wants to do with music) That's why I run now from all of this terminator stuff to a country where culture and freedom is at hand. Where money is not first thing to achieve in life but spiritual growth. Many other have different views and experience. I was once there long ago, and I liked so much I decided this year to purchase land property via https://hrex.org/bhoomi-rtc-karnataka as they have full right to do so, and have all the information in a form of a map with all villages and acres with prices in it. There are additional photos and supplementary information regarding the environment for those who are new to this beautiful country.

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