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Android app before I make major structural changes

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I use EN Windows 7. I plan on making major structural changes very soon now, partly moving most of my stuff to the Business section now that I've subscribed to that version and largely adding and changing a lot of the notebook structure itself.

I recently got a BlackBerry PRIV phone that runs on the Android OS (still on Lollipop). I have yet to install the EN app on it. I'm really not in any big rush to do so but it would be nice to have my EN data on it when I'm out on the road.

My question is whether it's fine to install the Android app now, or whether it's advisable to wait until my major structural changes are done, simply because it's more prudent to do it that way.




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If it were me, I'd make the structural changes first. That will be easier to do on Windows, and you can tweak it and get it just the way you want before beginning to use Evernote from the rather different interface of the Android app. Just my opinion.

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I agree with @Dave-in-Decatur - if you're about to make major changes,  wait until you finish before installing the mobile app.  If you're moving lots of notes,  do so in small(ish) batches - 50 or 100 or so - and sync between changes to keep the server-based copy p to date.

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