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Web View - Font Too Large; Control of Notes Font Display, Margins in Shared Notes



I just noticed earlier when visiting one of my shared public links that the display font size is about 14pt.  I would prefer a font size congruent with that of my browser display settings, typically 10pt to 12pt.  14pt is a wasteful consumption of space, but there seems to be no way to control this?

While on this topic, the rigid margins are also wasteful.  Coupled with the giant font, it presents as a really narrow page, no matter the browser width, with unnecessarily large text and unnecessarily wide margins, which causes multiple line wraps extending the length of the note and, imo, making things more complicated.

Let me control my own font sizes and margins.  I'll zoom the page if the font is too small, and make the window narrower if it's too wide.  This move makes it seem like something one would see on a child's tablet, or an accessibility setting with screen zoom.  If I want a tablet look, I'll use the tablet.  The intent may be to make the page cleaner and simpler this way, but it's a step backward in usefulness, imho, and makes what should be a simple display a bit overwhelming.

Attached are a couple of examples for clarification.

Note the horizontal scrollbar in the screenshot of an actual note example. (longer image file)
This also serves as an example of the lack of margin control and wide margins/narrow usable note/page space.  Not particularly desirable.

The smaller image is a screenshot from the Evernote Support Page.  I've typed a markup notation in 14pt on the full resolution screenshot of this page.  Unnecessarily large, same as the web view for shared notes.  Why?

Love Evernote, long time paid user, but some of these changes don't make sense.
Change for purpose of improvement is welcome.  Change for the sake of change is wasteful.  Seems like the Developers end up having to reach for ideas just to have something to present, and some of them are a sidestep or step backward, imho.  Should be about refinement at this point.  Stop trying to innovate constantly; it's unnecessar.  Evernote's pretty solid.  Some of these changes are all over the place, seemingly without any apparent reason, and it's annoying at times.



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Thanks for that example.  Does it show up Duplo'd on your end?
Here are a couple of screenshots from my end.  This is on the home setup and an older display at 1680x1050.

Firefox and Chrome render it differently, which is interesting.  I presume you didn't intend for your text to wrap inside these table columns?
Same as you, presentation isn't critical for my use, either, but the point is, this didn't happen before, and so doesn't seem that this would be an intentional development?

(transparent header is in Firefox, green header is in Chrome)



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Yeah...  the wrapping issue is one thing we're still hung up on.  On some pages it doesn't happen;  on others it does.  And while the images are different on each page,  the table was set up in Word and then as a template in Evernote,  so all notes are 'copies' of a single template with different information in the main column.  <Sigh>  Back to the drawing board...

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Evernote is not an ideal website manager.  I have a project in hand using a shared notebook as a website,  and have had to make major concessions in layout - basically there isn't any.  This is one of those situations where you choose the least worst tool for the job.  Evernote makes your data easy to maintain and instantly available online after a sync.  Wordpress (forinstance) gives you far more layout control,  but initially adds layers of complexity and requires a certain expertise to set up.  If you want ease of maintenance,  Evernote is the winner - but remember it's the least worst choice.  You need to design down to what's available.  Changes will come,  especially if you and others click on the counter at the top left of this page;  but they probably won't arrive in time to affect your website.  Any changes you may see in layout have probably been in development for a few years now. 

Sidebar:: I don't see why you equate a needless search for innovation with the layout issue - every Evernote product is still being developed, and in most cases improved.  What you see is probably what some engineer could get released within a deadline.  That doesn't rule out more development being in the pipeline...

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Agreed on the web layout stuff.  I've dealt with formatting control issues in this area for as long as I've been an Evernote user.  It's not huge to me, since I mostly work within editors for knowledgebase and productivity notes, and not much with web versions or views for presentation.  My point here is that this seems a development in - how to best phrase - a less than desirable direction, with no apparent benefit.  It happens, and I'm not condemning Evernote for trying, just expressing that it doesn't seem to make sense and is a nuisance.

To the sidebar - I equated it with the reach for constant "innovation", because there seemed to be no reason or benefit to a change like this, and this is a common complaint in user interface design in programming in general.  Bosses/owners always want something different, with what appears sometimes to be without concern for the actual efficiency of a user interface.  Leave it alone if the only ideas are sidesteps or backward.  I do agree that it was probably what some engineer could get released under a deadline.  My point is, it worked perfectly well before - why mess with it?  It's not innovation if you're going sideways or backwards.  It's just movement under the guise of innovation.  I liken it to the Tasmanian Devil.

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I should clarify that that note captured in the long screenshot attached above is not my site - it is a note/article captured from a knowledgebase article using Evernote's Web Clipper.  It does not present as such in the Evernote application for Windows or Mac, nor on an Android tablet.  The original font is supposed to be 11pt.  The large font, wide rigid margin issue presents only in the shared link in a browser view.  Evernote is overriding the original content formatting.

View for yourself - does the note present with large font in your browser with horizontal scroll bar?
The original does not, and the font size is supposed to be 11pt.  Too much margin.

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Bets are off (I think) if you're displaying a formatted page in a formatted page - which is what seem to be happening here;  Evernote's shared view of the notes I'm putting up isn't exactly so 'Duplo' - I think we used 12-point font for headers and 10-point for body copy and kept images down to 680px width.  That comes over quite well on a 1080 laptop screen and on the few mobiles we looked at.

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Yeah, could be.  I haven't thought much on it before.
Duplo - good descriptor!

The site you mention building in Evernote - do you have a similar example available for viewing?  I'm curious to see how it presents.
I'm also curious about use of Evernote as a web design tool.  You mentioned Wordpress, which I'm more familiar with.  Interesting use of Evernote.

I just checked it out in Firefox.  Firefox at least addresses the margins part of this issue.  Chrome does not.  See attached image.


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