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Help, HTC, notes are lost! not syncing.......

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Very frustrated old guy here.

I have an HTC one (m7 i think)

I use my notes very very much on my phone, my notes on this phone ARE my memory!

Last night my phone must of automatically upgraded to a newer operating sys.

Now ALL my notes are gone! :( Also a prompt pops up saying I must use Evernote! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!

I do not want Evernote! All I want are my notes back & a very simple note app.

I have 2 Evernote accts. I logged into both and none of my notes show up. (i have tried this app in the past, I HATE IT!)

I also sync Evernote account in my phone &  still none of my notes are there!

OMG, I need my notes back!

Please help.



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Too funny,

I found my notes! :) IN THE TRASH!

Thanks Evernote! all I can say is WOW.........

Can any one please let me know of a very simple basic note app I can use on my phone that will not disappear to Evernote HELL!!



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Hi.  You could try Microsoft OneNote (free) if you'd like,  or you could check the information that HTC presumably sent you about their decision to outsource their note service to Evernote.  The company has around 200M users so they seem to be doing some things right - perhaps if you give it a chance you might even like it...

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