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USE PEN to open Evernote's new note



When I pull my cellphone's pen another app is opened.

But I want pull my pen e open a Evernote's new note.

Because, normally, I am late and a write in a app that i dont want.

Is there a way to fix this? If there isn´t, i want this fuction. ok?


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I doubt that this is possible, but it would be helpful to know what phone you're using, what version of Android, and what version of the Evernote app. Then at least someone can tell you for certain that it can't be done! :)

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I use a Samsung Note 4,  and pulling the pen out of the device automatically starts a note app.  That app can be set up to save to Evernote directly,  so I already have this functionality on a Samsung phone.  Those were Samsung choices though - I don't know whether other manufacturers would be as keen to move notes to Evernote...

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Hello @roderictus,

With Samsung devices, it will by default give you the option of Samsung applications to use with the S Pen. It would be great to have Evernote be an option directly, but as @gazumped mentioned you have the S Note option, which can directly sync your handwritten notes into Evernote. It is ultimately up to Samsung which applications can appear when the S Pen is removed from the device and the options appear.

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