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USE PEN to open Evernote's new note



When I pull my cellphone's pen another app is opened.

But I want pull my pen e open a Evernote's new note.

Because, normally, I am late and a write in a app that i dont want.

Is there a way to fix this? If there isn´t, i want this fuction. ok?


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I use a Samsung Note 4,  and pulling the pen out of the device automatically starts a note app.  That app can be set up to save to Evernote directly,  so I already have this functionality on a Samsung phone.  Those were Samsung choices though - I don't know whether other manufacturers would be as keen to move notes to Evernote...

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Hello @roderictus,

With Samsung devices, it will by default give you the option of Samsung applications to use with the S Pen. It would be great to have Evernote be an option directly, but as @gazumped mentioned you have the S Note option, which can directly sync your handwritten notes into Evernote. It is ultimately up to Samsung which applications can appear when the S Pen is removed from the device and the options appear.

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