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How to delete recurring daily note

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In one of my main notebooks, a new daily note has been added each weekday stating the following:


Review Calendar

Review EN Reminders Pending

Review EN Inbox

Update Customer History Docs

Make New Daily list


I will get the same note on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  I am not sure why I am getting this daily note and I did not create the list items.  I would like to stop getting these notes on a daily basis - they are unwanted and are cluttering up my Evernote.  I have tried everything to delete them, but I'm not able to prevent them from repopulating daily.  I need to delete each note individually and it's becoming a huge pain.  Please help!

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That's really odd.  

Perhaps you can review your activity log and get an idea when/how these notes are created.

A usual quick troubleshooting step is to delete the application and database and reinstall

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