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Using Apple Pencil with Audio Recording?



I'd currently take notes using the Apple Pencil and noticed that I could not access audio recordings while note taking. If we can add that into as a feature/possibility, that would be great. A scenario I use it for is to take notes/sketch during a business meeting but I also like to record so I can go back and listen to certain parts of the meeting in case I missed something. 

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Hi.  Evernote's general advice on how to record doesn't exactly cover this,  and to be honest I don't rate recording and note-taking into the same app at the same time very highly.  Evernote's audio is saved (AFAIK) into temporary memory until synced with your account,  as is your note data.  If you try to start and stop the recording and make a mistake you might lose both written and recorded notes,  and trawling through temporary memory to find any trace of the recording is.. difficult.  A dedicated recording app is better because it saves to a local file,  and you're much less likely to mess with settings while using another app to take notes.  If you do lose your notes for any reason - at least you have the recorded file to recreate them.  Evernote's app also doesn't have as many recording conveniences as a specific audio recorder,  and if you're playing your recording back,  you'll almost certainly want a speed control,  or a convenient pause button to absorb the content.

You might like to look at another option too - try Cogi which is a kind've time-step recording app.  It's permanently 'on',  and if you hit the control it will save the previous 30 seconds of sound (the bit before you realized this could actually be important) and go on recording until you hit the control again.

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