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Forwarding multiple emails (Outlook to Evernote)

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As a new user, tried forwarding multiple emails from Outlook to Evernote. Outlook turned the emails into multiple attachments to the most recent email selected and forwarded everything to my Evernote address. However, Evernote turned these attachments into a string of messages which it appended to the most recent, as a single, very long text document. This made the forwarding useless for all practical purposes.

Is there a way to forward email in bulk to Evernote so that each message will be received as a separate entity and become a separate note (together with attachments to those separate messages where they exist)?

Tom R

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Hi.  If you install the desktop application,  you'll also install the Outlook Clipper which allows you to select multiple emails and import them as separate notes into Evernote.  I don't think there's an option to send multiple emails to one note.

If you go via your email client and send one email with multiple emails as attachments,  you'll get one note with multiple email content.  If you can define which emails need to be forwarded,  you could set up a rule in Outlook to forward emails from / with subjects containing / to a certain address / etc to your Evernote account address. 

Forwarding of new emails would happen automatically.  If you run that rule against your received emails you'll generate a bunch of individual emails each containing one attachment.  Beware that there's a limit on how many emails your account will accept during the day.  (200 daily) - Don't exceed the limit or (I assume) bad things happen.

(You may also be able to set up something with IFTTT)

If you forward an email with attachments,  you'll get the email in a note + attachments.

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