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Please, here the case. I'd like to import memo from native android app to evernote.

Is it possible ?


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Try sharing the memo if you can - is Evernote one of the options?

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Hi gazumped,

here enclosed a sample of file..

 is Evernote one of the options ? : yes, but only individually , i can't choose at once all the memos (see screenshot)  to be exported as zip files for instance or to evernote.

Tks ! :)



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Hi.  After a bit of playing around in my Note 4 memo menus I found that I can list the memos on an "All" page,  and as soon as I long-press one memo I get a tick box on all the items,  and an 'all' tick box in the top menu bar.  Click that and choose 'More',  and you'll be able to export notes to image or PDF files,  both of which you can import to Evernote.  You might need to try both to decide which is better.  Remember images always display inline in notes,  PDFs can be shown inline or as an attachment.  Hope that helps.

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