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Unable to view all the annotated pdf pages in the annotation summary

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Hi.  Presumably you can see all the annotations in the document itself,  so it's just the summary that seems incomplete.  What's your OS and how many pages have you annotated?

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On 19 July 2016 at 1:42 PM, Alana shah said:

Hi, I have recently subscribes to the Evernote Premium Services. I was annotting a PDF doc; however i am unable to see all the annotated pages in the summary.

Please help!

I have the same issue, could you please help?



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I have the same issue.  

For example, with one document the summary reports 40 annotations across 20 pages, but only 16 annotations (as far as p. 13, when the last annotation is on p.28) are shown in the summary of annotations, whether viewed in Evernote directly (on Mac OS X 10.10.5) or in Preview.  Evernote Version 6.9.2 (454159 App Store).

The same behaviour (no annotations beyond P.13 visible in the summary) is seen with the same document on the iPad version of Evernote (running on IOS 10).

The annotations are all visible within the body of the document.

I use the combination of annotations and automatically generated summary to maintain a handy index into the key sections of documents and manuals.  This works well, until this problem is hit - it's tedious having to scroll through tens to hundreds of pages of a manual to find the annotated sections you are looking for.


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Hi Aditya,

Are you using a Mac or Windows. On the Mac it limits the summary only to 19 annotations. However when saved on the windows laptop the same document you shall be able to see your entire annotated summary. I have been doing this now.You should try that

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10 hours ago, javery81 said:

I am having the same problem. I am using Windows 10. Please help. 

Hi.  So how many annotations on how many pages in a typical document,  and how many do you see in the summary?

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