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ALL OF BUGS and LATEST ISSUES (Editing bugs, web clipping, scroll lag, all New-Version issues)



Greetings from an Evernote 7.9.3 Android user!

Keyboard: Google Keyboard, Current Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Android 5.1), ex-Evernote device: Samsung Note 3 neo

Request users to upvote if similar issues have been identified by you. This will be great for the App. 

A humble request to EN team go through issues (verified on both devices) and do the needful :

  1. While using Backspace on words in middle of the line, newly added checkbox (in the case when checkbox is auto-added due to newline) gets deleted (recent versions)
  2. Backspacing sometimes deletes words randomly on the same line, and appends junk text (eg. Line 1 has 5 words. I attempt to erase word 5 and word 4 gets deleted, and/or some extra characters get appended after deleting the word) (demoed in video I've shared)
  3. Scroll LAG even on High-end devices (Snapdragon 650, 3GB RAM), this happens in case of multiple 1 or 1.5MB+ sized images in a note 
  4. *Copy paste of text from a web-article retains Font size and color of the source text .
    In this case, newlines get randomly inserted between all lines in that note (please refer to screenshot, the empty lines were added automatically every timed I edited the note) (demoed in video I've shared).
    *Cursor and then the note itself freezes at times you try to edit this newly copied internet text.
  5. Sometimes it takes 2 attempts to check a box. 
  6. slow to load long (offline) image notes.
  7. Clipping of Full web page is slow & fails sometimes (doesn't even notify if it's not clipped since a long time) .
  8. If some big note doesn't get sync'd due to network failure, it won't get sync'd many a times even on good net connection (occasional).
  9. Web-Clipping is still awful. Egwebpage components overlap, some junk text is only what gets clipped, zoomed text gets saved that ain't scroll-able/resizable. 
  10. Widget, doesn't show all of the shortcuts on the 1st time after it reloads. It needs a re-scroll to load all (I have 20+ shortcuts).


Video links for bugs-demo

Video 1(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9d3oyV2NfbzNNTkU/view?usp=sharing), you can see

< 1>how text gets randomly deleted on the same line as the cursor 

<2>Checkbox gets deleted even though the cursor is away 

<3>Text of two different checkboxes mix etc.

Video 2(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9Q2psOU1NaTZ1RjQ/view?usp=sharing), you can see newline inserted without intent !





  1. Re-enable external note-sharing (it hurts)
  2. Improve UX. Badly needed! It takes almost 2X efforts, as compared to traditional apps, for making any note-changes
  3. Improve clipping
  4. Text-editor UI is too cluttered for small screen phones
  5. Let Handwriting and text be mixed in order of addition, instead of all Handwriting pages together
  6. A 'save' option on the 'Discard changes' dialog, as top Save buttons aren't easily accessible on phablets



The curious EN Fan


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