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Request: Scanning both sides of the business card for Android



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No clue.  Ask OneNote.  You can "scan" both sides into an Evernote note,  though it won't be linked to LinkedIn or necessarily added to your contaxcts...  what exactly are you trying to do>

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Hi @carlodimaandal,

Thanks for posting. The Evernote application on Android allows you to capture one side of the business card and link it to a contact in your phone and LinkedIn, but double sided capture is not something that is currently implemented.

This would be a great idea and I will move this over to the feedback section to see if we can get some up-votes on this.

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It's pointless to have a business card scanner which does not scan both sides. I have some card who are folded and have information on 4 sides. This should be something which is not to hard to update in your system. If you offer something to your app at least make sure it's working. I do pay for your service and somewhat disappointed that I only can scan one side of a business card.

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