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Backspace and entet dun work on text editing

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Its very weird that i cannot use backspace to delete my word after typing. Enter key doesnt work as well.

This problem exist in all platform of evernote. 

This bug is really unbearable and i am considering moving my note and start using onenote instead of considering to promote to premium user soon!!

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. What version(s) of Evernote are you using? The fact that it happens for you on all platforms (meaning, I suppose, Android and also Windows, the Web site, and maybe even Mac or iOS?) is very strange. Both Backspace and Enter work for me on Android, the Windows desktop program, and on the Web page, so knowing what version you have will be helpful. Also what version of Android you have and what keyboard you're using.

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I am having this same issue. I'm trying to use the web version of Evernote and the delete key does not work. I am on Mac El Capitan, using Chrome. I cannot replicate the problem in Firefox - so it looks like a Chrome/Evernote issue. Not all notes are affected, but if I copy and paste a note's contents into another note, the behavior is the same (delete key does not work).

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If you're having issues with Evernote Web via the Chrome browser,  then it appears that a recent browser update has caused an issue.  Please submit a bug report and meantime use another browser if Chrome is not allowing you to use Evernote effectively.

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Backspace not working when editing notes. Even create new note problem still exist. Hv to use cut option to delete and this is very cumbersome. Keyboard is OK when using other applications ie. whatsapp, sms, google notes etc. Thank you

1. Evernote v7.9.3

2. running on MI3 Android v4.4.4

3. Google keyboard v4.0.21203.1613964

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