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It would be great, if for the Chrome App you have the possibility to give me as a user a sign, that I have already clipped this webpage or part of it in my evernote notes.

This could be done for example by changing the evernote elephant of the app sign fully into green color.

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Hi.  Hobby horse time.  The website URL is the same as one in your current notes.  Are you prepared to wait while Evernote searches that URL every time you clip a page?  And what if the page has changed since you last clipped it;  or you only clipped a different part of the page last time?  Or you saved a bookmark but not the whole page or any part of it?  Will you want further pointers to what happened previously?

The other option is to clip regardless.  If you perform a search and you get two hits from the same web page,  it's an 'oops' not a major problem.  Delete the duplicate clip (if that's truly what it is) and get on with the rest of your life. 

I really don't see a check on previous clips as anything other than a way to slow down clipping to no good effect.  But that's just my opinion.

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I like this idea, @Abas : +1. 

I don't want all the URLs to be checked in full depth, as @gazumped mentioned, but I need to see a short-lived mark in the simple case when I decide to save some of the tabs in order to quit my internet browser (Safari in my case). Just this.

If I come back on the same page later on, I don't need the page to be marked as already clipped (the contents may have changed). 


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