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Syncing between Desktop & iOS

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Hello all,

My employer has a business account with Evernote, so I use it to keep notes in my role as an analyst. I have a stack called ENERGY COVERAGE, under which I put a notebook for COMPANY ABC, and then within that I keep my notes about each company. I spend most of my time on the desktop application and use the mobile app mostly for reference with occasional updates.

I've noticed that many of my notebooks are not syncing to the right stack on my mobile app. For example, on my desktop I currently have three stacks and on my mobile application it shows all of my current stacks plus old stacks that have been deleted, had the name changed, or had all of the notebooks removed. I used to name ENERGY COVERAGE just ENERGY, and both show up on the mobile app, but only the new name shows up on the desktop application. 

Any idea if this is a setting or a known bug?




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Hi.  Not a setting,  or a known bug as such,  although syncing a busy notebook is something that might cause issues.  I'd suggest you open a support request with Evernote on this - syncing issues are always interesting for them and you seem to have a well-documented instance.  As a work-around for the current issue I'd suggest you make a small change to a note in all the affected notebooks - just copy and paste a test phrase,  syncing both mobile and desktop each time you paste.  Then search for the phrase on both.  Do you get the same number of hits?  If so,  problem solved. 

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