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Evernote deciding on it's own which notebook to store notes

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Greetings!  I forward emails to my Evernote.  This is the majority of info that I store in Evernote.  I created a notebook, named it "New" and made it the default thinking that everything that I emailed into Evernote would go there first and I could sort it all out later and move notes into the appropriate notebooks.  It worked for a little while but then Evernote started started to put emailed notes wherever it wanted to which was usually in the wrong place.  Now I have to go into the subject of each email and add "@New" to make sure it gets into the "New" folder which is a pain and eats time.  Is Evernote somehow looking at the content of the emails and trying to decide the most appropriate notebook to send the email to?  It's not working!!!  What is the point of having a default notebook if Evernote disregards it?

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