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Using Evernote ScanSnap on Mac OS Sierra Beta



I began using the new Mac OS beta release - Mac OS Sierra version 10.12 beta.  Unfortunately, ScanSnap for Evernote no longer scans to my laptop. The documents go through the scanner, the little icon showing ScanSnap Evernote Edition begins to spin and then shuts down.  Every time.  Any ideas on how to correct this?  Thanks

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I just got this alarming email, that seems rather catastrophic, given how Evernote is shared within my organization.  This major OS update comes out in two days (after being in public beta for many months) and NOW we get this alert about the very likely potential for data loss?

My goodness.  I hope you're able to issue a proper fix for this quickly.



Dear valued SSEE user,

This email is being sent to Evernote users who purchased our ScanSnap Evernote Edition (SSEE) scanner on our Evernote Market site.

We would like to let you know about a known issue that affects SSEE users who use Apple's Macintosh computers on the MacOS Sierra platform (to be released Sep 21, 2016). If you are a Mac user using Sierra, or are planning to do so, please read on.

Our partner and SSEE's manufacturer Fujitsu/PFU, have issued a notice warning all ScanSnap users that some pages on PDF files may be deleted when using MacOS Sierra. The details can be found on the Fujitsu/PFU site.


ScanSnap Compatibility with macOS Sierra

Problems regarding the compatibility with macOS Sierra have been found. 
Please do not use ScanSnap applications on macOS Sierra. Also, before upgrading your OS to macOS Sierra, please be sure to make a backup copy of the PDF files created by using ScanSnap applications. 
We will provide you the solution to these issues as soon as available.

  1. Units concerned 
    All ScanSnap scanners including ScanSnap Evernote Edition 
  2. Problems found by our investigation
    1. Some pages of the PDF files that have been generated with ScanSnap applications may become blank pages when they are edited or converted to searchable PDF files on macOS Sierra. 
      Also, B&W pages are saved as color pages on the OS, and accordingly the size of the files becomes larger.
    2. Some pages of the PDF files that are created with ScanSnap applications on macOS Sierra may be saved as blank pages. 
      Also, the size of B&W pages becomes larger than it should be because they are saved as color pages on the OS.
    3. When images are exported to an application through Quick Menu on macOS Sierra, the images may be displayed as blank pages on the preview screen of the application.
    4. Some pages may be deleted when Merge Pages of ScanSnap Organizer is carried out on macOS Sierra.
    5. When duplex scanning is carried out on macOS Sierra, data on the back side of the scanned cards are not imported to CardMinder.
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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there Everyone,

Our development team is aware of this issue and will hopefully have a fix released when the next Evernote update that supports the general release of macOS Sierra is rolled out. I will update this thread with any more information I receive on this issue.

Since this issue is pertaining to a beta version of macOS, I'm going to also go ahead and move this to the Product Feedback thread.

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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I didn't want to cross-post a whole thread, but I installed Sierra Public Beta 7 this morning and still can not scan from my S1500M. The scan is saved, Evernote is opened, but the scan is not transferred.  Check the above thread for additional details or maybe a moderator could merge the two topics.

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11 hours ago, evb said:

The work around mentioned above should be even simpler with an import folder in MacOS where documents appearing there are directly moved into Evernote. Works like a charme on my Mac, I did not want to lose this original Windows-feature. Cheers, EvB.

Thank you for the tip.  Today, I did get Evernote and Scansnap to work together by creating a new profile in Scansnap.  In Scansnap select "Settings" then use the drop down menu for Profile and create a new profile ( name your new profile).  Under the tab "Application" select "Add or Remove" and then find your Evernote application and select it.  Click apply and you have a new profile. It is working for me.  I am scanning directly into Evernote and all the pages are showing up.  If this process goes south I will set up an import folder.  GM Sierra with Evernote 6.8.  Have a good night. 

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I have done a clean install of GM Sierra  and I am still unable to save a multi-page document in Evernote.  The first page always shows up but none of the remaining pages.  The pdf saved to file on my Mac does show all the pages and I complete but the Evernote file only has the first page.  I am not sure if this a ScanSnap issue or an Evernote issue. I am running Evernote 6.9.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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The work around mentioned above should be even simpler with an import folder in MacOS where documents appearing there are directly moved into Evernote. Works like a charme on my Mac, I did not want to lose this original Windows-feature. Cheers, EvB.

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