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Feature request: Shortcuts in Mac (top) menu bar



Hi everyone,

I've thought about adding shortcuts as an item in Mac (top) menu bar, like 'Bookmarks' in Chrome or Firefox. It could help gaining some screen space by making them quickly accessible while keeping the sidebar hidden. This would be really nice especially using the Side List View on little screen laptops (e.g. rMB, 13" rMBP) as you'd see more details in columns (tags, etc.).



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On July 14, 2016 at 5:53 PM, gazumped said:

In Windows Desktop,  right-clicking the 'Shortcuts' heading drops a little menu to show Shortcuts in the toolbar / show them in a separate toolbar / hide them altogether...

Yes and it's an absolutely killer feature.  I've been using Windows Desktop at work for the past several months....and it's SO good.  I prefer it now over the Mac client.  There really needs to be another option for shortcuts.  Macs support customizable toolbars and users here have been begging for more options for years.  Being able to put our shortcuts up there would be fantastic.  Right now, I feel like there's just a lot of wasted space in the Mac client.


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I too think making the Mac client more like the Windows client is a great idea.  I recently moved from Window to Mac and while most programs/UI are superior on the Mac, sadly Evernote's is not.  I use Evernote heavily on a daily basis and the time I am spending scrolling back to the top of the list to get to my shortcuts is beyond frustrating...especially since it should (by all accounts) be trivial to either put them in the toolbar or allow us to add them to the tool bar.

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If I recall on the Windows desk top, it was a link to shortcuts that expanded (like a menu dropdown) when clicked allowing fast and easy access to your shortcuts. It was an option that could be turned on by those (like me) that wanted it.

As for how this would positively effect my workflow, I am a programmer with lots of notes about client passwords, links, etc and also have a shortcut to commonly used code snips. I currently have to scroll up and down and up and down and up and down the menu bar to find and use things I need. When I was on windows, I only had to scroll to the appropriate client note and when I needed a code snip I was able to access that note from the tool bar without having to scroll all the way back to the top. I was also able to add and remove appropriate client notes to the shortcut list for active projects...overall, making my work flow faster and less annoying.


Bottom line, this (in my opinion) feature exists in the Windows interface, just curious (as are others) why it's not available in the Mac interface? 

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30 minutes ago, Paul McGrane said:

Any movement on this...actually considering looking at other platforms and the absence of this feature negatively effects my workflow

Can't see shortcuts across the top as an improvement, and I'd turn off the option
I don't have that many, and they would fit, but my preference is to have the list in my sidebar.
Also, I use a desktop monitor, so no concerns about the sidebar space
and I trigger shortcuts with a shortcut key and AppleScript (documented here)

Can you provide more details on the "negatively effects my workflow"

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