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Printing out note displaying inline PDFs




I require the ability to print out notes, which very frequently contain embedded PDFS. However, when I try to print out the note, or even export the note as a PDF, the note prints out as multiple files, 1 files for the word content and formatting, and "n" additional files, each containing one of the "n" embedded PDFs. So a note with 2 embedded PDFs will print out as 3 different files, with the PDFs no longer inline as a standalone file. This is problematic since my notes have embedded PDFs at certain locations for citing figures and relevance. It is getting to the point that I have to create a whole new document in another program just to write up a report with the note content and embedded PDFs, since almost every other word processor or note-taking app can print out inline PDFs.

I am unsure whether there is a way to do this, it does not work on Mac or Windows for me, although I usually use the Mac app. If someone has a workaround, that would be great, otherwise I would consider this a bug, which has become a nuisance. With the rising prices for my premium account, the absence of this feature will very likely cause me to change note-taking apps soon.

If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Try installing the Foxit Reader. It worked for me. 

Right click on PDF and choose Open PDF in Foxit. If its not installed It will take you to to the download site. Download and install it and then Open PDF in Foxit.

Fixes both annotation printing @nglyfw and the image size issue @slinkycat (which can be addressed without Foxit by just selecting to 'Fit to page'.)

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Hi.  I've not tried to print out a note containing PDF files 'into' another PDF file,  but I'd guess that's a feature which hasn't been developed yet,  rather than a bug - something which is supposed to work,  but doesn't. 

I gather various report and informational data in Evernote but normally edit and output in Word or Publisher,  since there's far greater control over images,  charts and layout generally.  There's an option,  as I'm sure you know,  to print all document pages for PDF files (in Options or Preferences) but that's about as flexible as Evernote can currently be.

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Will be great to have the possibility to have the function of PDF print Out like the one in OneNote 2016. The function allows the possibility to attach a file as a print out so every page is displayed automatically in the notes and can be highlighted or overwritten with a note.

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I have a problem with just printing pdf's as they come out so small you can't read them and the originals were standard, readable documents. I found that I have to click on the "eye" symbol in the pdf bar that is right on the document and open it in evernote's reader to print it the right size. I don't think this is acceptable and that it should automatically print according to the type of the document it is. There are a few printing choices this way, but in a document with embedded pdf's, you might have to print the pdf's separately (unacceptable!) or download the whole document to print it (also unacceptable). Hope you find an answer; it' really frustrating to feel you can't get your notes "out" when you need them.

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I am a lawyer and I use Evernote for all of my personal note taking. I use all Mac devices (two iMacs, one MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPad).  I will frequently have a .pdf document or a .jpg photo or another attachment that I insert into my notes and then take notes about it. For example, I might be getting ready to interview a potential expert witness and I would drop a copy of that witness' written report (in .pdf format) into a new note and then make a list of questions I need to ask about the report. During the interview, I might annotate the report or just make notes around it.

When I do this, I can see the .pdf inline on my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad. However, when I try to print the note, the .pdf files are reduced to headings, i.e., I can't see the pages of the .pdf document in line in the hard copy I print out.

I really need to be able to print the .pdf files in line with my notes and annotations around them so that I can distribute hard copies or have hard copies to use in court.  I have tried searching the user forums and searching online for an answer.  I just had a lengthy chat session with Evernote tech support about this and was told:  "So it appears this is by design due to the way Common Editor is designed in the Evernote app. The PDF will print separately. As a workaround you can right click inside the note and choose 'Covert to PDF' and it will print inline."

When I tried to convert notes to PDF as per the workaround suggestion, it didn't turn out any better.  First, I tried to print a note that had a .jpg attachment followed by three 1-page .pdf attachments, followed by two multi-page .pdf attachments.  The new .pdf file showed the .jpg inline, but had big blanks where all of the .pdfs were supposed to be.  Then, I deleted the .jpg out of the original note and tried again.  This time, the new .pdf had the first 1-page .pdf attachment inline, but big blanks where the other .pdfs were supposed to be.  Finally, I deleted the three 1-page .pdf attachments and the second multi-page .pdf attachment so that the note only contained a single multi-page .pdf attachment.  This time the new .pdf did not contain any images inline, but instead had a big blank where the .pdf attachment should have been.

I really need a way to fix this.


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