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Stuck with the New Notebook View

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OSX, 6.8 Beta2. I was just added to a business account, and now I appear to be stuck with the new notebook view (horrendous thing that it is) with my Personal notebooks (and yes, the option is unchecked in Preferences). Is this a bug or intended? And is there any way to use the old view with Business notebooks? The single column view makes absolutely no sense to me, it adds so much complexity to both visualizing and getting at my notes.

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Only personal (non Business) accounts can switch the notebook view back to the old format at this time.

To switch back and forth between the two views in a personal account, follow these steps:

1. Go to Evernote > Preferences > Software update

2. Check the box 'Enable new notebook view for personal accounts'

3. Click X to save your change and restart the app

Thanks for your feedback regarding this change. We always welcome feedback and suggestions, and while I can't make any guarantees that this will be implemented for business accounts, I can definitely pass this along to our development team as a feature request! 

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43 minutes ago, petraquilitz said:

There is no checkbox of this kind in my preferences / software update. (I'm a premium user and not part of a business account). Are premium users also excluded from the option to change back?

You're looking at old posts referring to the option in a previous version

There;s no option in the current version.  Of course, you can downgrade to a previous version that provided the grid layout

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