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Pen lag on the Note 5

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This has been going on for some time but when I write in cursive there is lag at the beginning but then it is smooth while writing on the word.  Now when I print each letter, there is noticeable lag.  Like when I wright an "o", the "o" only appears when I'm done writing.  It's annoying that this hasn't been fixed.  I'm using the Note 5.  Has anyone had this same issue and found any fixes?   Its not my phone because this has happened on a previous phone that I have and it occurred when my phone was new as well.   I like Evernote but there has been not attempt to improve the responsiveness of the pen Android.   

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Thanks for your reply.   I would be thrilled to see an update that fixes this because it has been going on for awhile.  


The version is:    


Android version:  



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Still an issue!  This better be fixed with the next big update. I know I won't get a response on this because you guys "don't do updates".   Google keep doesn't have this issue, one note doesn't have this issue but you guys are the only ones that has this pen lag.

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@Ricky, how long is the lag? I don't generally use handwritten notes, but I did just test it on my Note 4 Edge. The writing didn't show up as instantly as with a pen on paper, but there wasn't what I would call a problematic lag. A fraction of a second at the beginning of a word, if any. I'll agree with you that the lag seems longer when printing than when writing cursively, but I'm not 100% sure this isn't just a matter of perception, since when I'm printing, my hand and eye pause a bit before moving on to the next letter, making me more aware of the lag. But are you experiencing something longer than that?

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