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Feature Request: Link to file in cloud storage

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I'd like to suggest the following feature:

Link to an file on a cloud storage platform with a relative path

For example, I want to link to a file that is stored on Dropbox. Evernote would then just store the relative path within Dropbox and dynamically resolve the Dropbox root path on each client.

Ideally, this would work on all platforms (Android, Web, etc.)

A workaround at the moment is to add a web link to a shared Dropbox file and then click the "open" button in the browser which opens the file locally. This has the advantage that the link keeps working even when you move the file, but it requires an Internet connection and it's kind of annoying to wait for the website to load and then click on a button.

Thanks, Peter

PS: I know that I can store my files in Evernote. I don't want that (at least not in this case).

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