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New CTO for Evernote

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I can't say that I'm elated by Evernote hiring a Chief Technology Officer from GoDaddy who's focus on machine learning there was cross selling and upselling.  Nor am I interested in having Evernote "surface" things for me or give me recommendations.  I want my notes, preferably secure (read encrypted) always there whenever I ask for them.  Its a note taking app, not a web search app or a social app.  Just rich notes, easy to get too and maybe, one day, also secured with zero knowledge encryption.

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I wish Mr. Kundu all the luck in the world and hope he can bring more value to the product. Having said that, I agree with your assessment of GoDaddy. 

Their barrage of marketing and the layers of ***** you had to go through to accomplish anything is why I dumped them as a host years ago. 



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i wish him luck in his new position. i am not aware of anything in his background related to security, and evernote only mentioned their interest in providing the right information at the right time. i like that idea as a concept, though i am not sure how i feel about it in practice (at least so far).

personally, i'd like to see a more secure (encrypted notebook option), scalable (selective sync) service able to accomodate all of my data (relatively large amounts including sensitive stuff). right now, without selective sync or better encryption options, the only data they'll "surface" in my account are some web clippings and other non-essential data. perhaps a new cto will change all of this :)

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An incredibly short-sighted and one-sided OP. Don't forget the part about the new CTO being charged with building Evernote's new backbone... or the part about Mr. Kundu being responsible for 5 billion daily messages for Yahoo. the focus on GoDaddy is irrelevant here. Talk about selective reading of an article that presents quite an impressive repertoire. 

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