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I am a knowledge worker and I heavily use a so called "Zettelkasten" (german for ~notebox) since 2 years.

Now I want to switch to evernote from my older open source software which is designed according to the Zettelkasten-system how Niklas Luhman used it in a physical form.

Why? It has some limitations, slow search function and is hardly further developed. But the key features are useful. Furthermore during the use of it, I made many notes about improving the software / how I would program my own software. Now I found evernote and I would be very happy if you implemented some of the features I suggest:

  • Use tags for templates: Instead of copy and paste template-notes, it would be easier and faster, just to reserve tag for a template. For example, the tag "meeting" or "t-meeting" (t for template) will automatically turn the note into the meeting-template note.
  • Level for tags:
    • I would use 2 levels for tags. First, a meta-tag, for example "method", "protocol", "content for youtube", "tutorial" etc., which is featured when creating a note (you just choose one or two out of your meta-tag list), and then the content-tag(s) like "business"... Especially for searching for notes, it is much more useful to distinguish these tag-types because usually the content-tags are more important. Also it is useful for creating suggestions how to link notes.
    • Furthermore, sometimes tags have different meaning in a different context. So the tag "paper" can have at least two meanings, depending from the context: 1) (scientific) evidence>paper 2) environment>paper. In 1) I use the tag "paper" to describe that a scientific paper is involved; in 2) I write something about how using paper instead of digital applications is affecting the environment (stupid example, but you get the point). Again, this is important, for distinguish and make it possible to specify search commands. In this way it would be nice to organise all the tags in the tag-section of the software. Also it is important when you use the tag "business" many many times, it becomes necessary to define it more in detail. "Business>marketing", "Business>accounting", or even "Business>marketing>E-Mail-marketing".
  • Linking notes: After finishing a note or during, calculate relevance (from tags etc.) to other notes to connect notes. The algorithm should ignore or downprioritize meta-tags.
  • Tab system: It would be very nice if the desktop software would use a tab system like in browsers, instead of opening new windows
  • Loose ends: As soon as we stop continuing working on a topic, it is nice to create bookmarks which are sorted by their content tags. Maybe even possibility to describe in the bookmark, what are the next tasks, how much % you are etc.
  • Intratextual tags: Another suggestion to improve the workflow, is to allow the user to use syntax in a note to create tags. For example when I write: "Marketing via youtube: In youtube... blablabla" it would accelerate everything if I could write "§Marketing in §youtube: In ..." and evernote would add "marketing" and "youtube" as tags automatically.
  • Suggestions: I would love it when the user could fill in synonyms in a list for tags. For example every time I use the tag "healthy", this is automatically turned into "health". This is very important to avoid parallel tags which you loose in your search later on. Furthermore, the software could scan the text and suggest tags and you just click on it, to insert the suggestions as a tag for your note.
  • Connecting notes: Right now it is very inconvenient to connect notes. It would be easier if you just could right-click on a marked text, then with hyperlink suggestions are calculate and a search form would open.
  • Replace-function: my last point is that it is not possible to replace words in a whole notebook/in whole evernote, just in one note.

Ok, these are the most important things I would love to see in evernote. I would appreciate it a lot and I already appreciate how the software is developed. Thanks a lot and if there are any questions, please just ask!



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I have been asking for one feature for years now and I won't stop asking until they implement it :D

Append to note via the Web Clipper across all platforms

Also, rich links instead of the current bookmarks and nested tags on iOS would be very much welcome.

I don't care if they start asking for 100$/year. If they add these features I'll pay.

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