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Changing paper style mid document

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I've been playing around with Penultimate and figured this out.  

1) with your note open like you're going to write in it, look in the upper left for the page icon (two rectangles in a cirlce) and tap it.

2)in the new screen tap the first circle (the one with two rectangles, one partially shaded).

This should bring up a list of different pages you can use.  My only complaint is there doesn't seem to be a way to have different pages within the same book.  However, when you change the paper, your notes should stay right where they are.


Hope this helps!

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"Doesn't seem to be a way to have different pages within the same book"... that is what I came here looking for and I actually have figured it out.

When between steps 1 and 2 in the above instructions, you will see "select" in the upper right.  Choose this, select the sheets you want to change, and then change the paper using step 2 above.

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