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Lost notes with two Evernote Web instances - expected to pay?

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I had Note A open on Evernote Web on one computer, went to work, edited Note A heavily, and returned home. When I reopened the tab with Note A at home, the contents had not changed, and in fact, overwrote the edits I made at work with the older copy.

I do not have a pay account, so I cannot restore from history.

https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new this page doesn't seem to do anything except tell me to submit a ticket (see attached), which is what I thought that page was for.


My content is effectively being held for ransom. I cannot get my edits unless I pay, and there seems to be no way to contact anyone at Evernote.


Can anyone help me?


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Hi.  If you edit a note on one device,  Evernote doesn't know the content has changed until that device is synced back to the central server.  If you open a note on two devices at the same time,  and sync the wrong version,  you can lose your work on the other copy of that note.  Evernote doesn't maintain a real-time copy of your work,  so unsynced edits may have been lost,  though it's always worthwhile upgrading to check what's available.  Although you're currently a basic user,  if you upgrade your account to premium - even for only a month - note histories will become available.

If you go back to the support page and click in the "not what you're looking for?..." box you should get a support link.

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I want to also caution you that because of the narrow time frame involved. It is possible that the note history will not include your edits at work. I'm not sure how often note histories are saved. 

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