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How to type above a list when list is at the top of a note?

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I am unable to break off from the list when I want to type above it and the list is the first thing in the note. If I hit enter or shift-enter, it breaks the list and I end up with empty list points!
It doesn't work like MS Word where I can hit enter to push the list down then go up with the up arrow key and start typing in th empty area.

I had to create a new note and enter a few empty lines then copy the list. It seems for certain tasks I have to think ahead and create the proper empty spaces.

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8 hours ago, csihilling said:

Try adding a list line at the top and then uncheck the list icon.  I think that works.  (Not near my PC at the moment). 

I just tested this briefly, and it works. The first line becomes normal text, and the list (if it's a numbered list) is renumbered accordingly.

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