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[BUG] Shortcuts don't work, HTML encode problem?



Have a shortcut as follows:

notebook:"Action Pending"  any: tag:1-Now -tag:*

When I try to use the shortcut in Evernote Web, it gets translated as:

notebook%3A"Action Pending"  any%3A tag%3A1-Now -tag%3A*

which obviously fails.

I guess your QA team didn't try shortcuts in the Web version?

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Well.  I agree there's something weird about search shortcuts (in my desktop version). 

All my current shortcuts work in the web version,  but when I try to set yours up as a temporary search to test the exact syntax I find I can't.  I can create a saved search,  but can't get to the list of saved searches by the usual 'click in the search bar'.  On the web,  that works fine - but the search with that content that I just saved has an error "the notebook for that search has been deleted or removed" (no it hasn't..).

Copy/ pasting the search works fine,  and I suspect your issue might be a browser problem rather than the website,  but let's start from:  I recommend that you submit a support request (or a bug report) and.. what's your OS,  Evernote version and Browser?

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