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Presentation mode plus audio with controls

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I'm looking into using evernote to present lessons to English students. Presentation mode is very good for that, but sometimes I need to - for example - be able to look at a picture and listen to audio with controls available to pause, and scan forward and back. Is this possible?


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Evernote doesn't have a built-in media player - any AV content you see on your device will play in one of the other apps installed on it.  Audio play is also very basic - it's on or it's off;  none of this pausing and rewind business. 

You should be able to link to an AV file in your note(s),  and the link - when clicked - will open the installed player.  I'm not sure what will happen to the picture on screen - in normal operation your app would open up on top of the Evernote note.  But in Presentation Mode the app has stolen the screen.  If you're using an external display that won't be an issue - you can do what you like with the windows on your 'other' screen. 

I'd suggest checking out a few different 'player' apps to see which ones offer you best control,  and embedding a test AV file in a note.  When you click the link,  the media should open in the "default app for that file type" so you'll need to update the default a few times until you find the right combination.

There's a bit of trial-and-error required to find the best process,  but if you have any more queries please come back - and when you get this working,  please let us know how!

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Thanks very much for your helpful reply. It is possible on the desktop clients to play an attached audio file using scan, play, pause controls. Unless this is coming from a web browser plugin such as vlc. I assumed it was default evernote. It does indeed look not possible. As to what I'll do. I need to think some more. Thanks again!

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