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Seeking feedback from users of Evernote Business

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Do you create and share notes with other people at your work?
If so, we’d love to talk with you! 
What are we doing?
We are seeking users of Evernote Business to participate in two independent research studies
  • Study #1: Individual Interviews
  • Study #2: Team Interviews
Why are we doing this?
  • Evernote is exploring ways to improve the way users of Evernote Business get their work done
  • Our research team would like to learn from our users, gain a deeper understanding of your needs and get your feedback on new design ideas
We will compensate all participants for their time!
Read on for more details … then if you are interested please reply with the requested information to:
  • Franci McFarland (fmcfarland@evernote.com)
Also, feel free to forward this message to other Evernote Business users you think might like to participate!

Study #1: Individual Interviews
What does this involve?
  • We would like to talk about your personal experience using Evernote Business, and seek your feedback on some new design ideas
  • Interviews generally take place via video conference so we can use screen sharing and try some things out together in Evernote
  • Sessions last about 90 minutes
Would you like to participate in an individual interview?
If yes, please reply back with the following information
  • What email address should we use to followup with you?
  • What is the email address you use to login to Evernote Business (if different)?
  • Where are you located (e.g. San Francisco Bay Area)?

Study #2. Team Interviews
What does this involve?
  • We would like to talk about your team’s experience using Evernote Business together, and have you try out our prototype periodically over the course of a few days
Who are we looking for?
  • A small team of colleagues working on a project together and using Evernote Business
  • Are you part of a small team (about 4 people) that fits this description? If so, please let us know!
When would this take place?
  • See below, and kindly indicate which of the following time periods might work for your team:
We might be available the week of July 5th
We might be available the week ofJuly 12th
We might be available the week of July 19th
We would like to hear about other future dates on which to participate!
Is your team located in the SF Bay Area?
This information will help us plan for research logistics, such as differences in timezone
  • Choose one of the following:
Yes, the whole team
Yes, at least some of the team
No, none of the team
  • List all relevant locations ________________________________________________________
If you are in the SF Bay Area, could we possibly conduct the interviews onsite at your office so we can better understand the context in which you work.
  • Choose one of the following:
Yes, I think it will be fine to visit our office
Hmmm, I’m not sure, let’s discuss this further

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Hi Geoff,

Only just seen this. Not sure if you are still looking for information, but happy to help if you are.




Near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

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