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Leaving Evernote for good ...

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This saddens me greatly. Most products and services have started adopting a more approachable pricing plan. Take Spotify, for instance, which just introduced a flat rating for its family plan. Evernote, for whatever reason, though, has taken the exact opposite approach. It saddens me greatly. I have been a user, and an active one at that, since July 2010, making this my sixth year.

With the introduction of the new pricing plan, I no longer have faith that Evernote as a service is something that I can rely on to keep my notes on the various devices that I have. I will also be disabling the business account that we have on behalf of our startup, since I think this move betrays customers and is completely uncalled for.

Again, this saddens me deeply, because I have been a user and an advocate of Evernote ever since I moved off of OneNote in 2010, and I think I will be moving back to OneNote or Google Keep or one of the myriad of the competing products, now.

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Hi.  There's a l-o-n-g other thread on this which might be of interest.  I got tired of the Olympic level jumping to conclusions about what exactly was happening and tried to summarise it here - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/97236-changes-to-evernote’s-pricing-plans/?do=findComment&comment=416073 - unless you had a direct email to the contrary,  it seems to me nothing much has changed...

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