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(Archived) Html Files Not Indexed?

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3 days ago, i added 2200 html Files to an Evernote Account. I can see the files in all Clients, but i cannot search for words within the Files. Is this a matter of time or is the content of html Files not searchable? (its a Premium Account).

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Did you add the HTML content into the body of the note, or are the HTML files attachments?

We don't process the textual content of attachments on notes, with the exception of PDF documents. For HTML, you can paste or clip the content directly into a note.

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Thanks for the reply. The files are attachments, via folder import. I don't really have time to copy-paste all the content or open all the files individually to add them to evernote.

Do you have any tipps/ideas for importing a MS Acess database into evernote? Access can write html, txt or rtf files of the individual db entries. But if I understand you right, it would be the same even for txt files?

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HTML (and text) files should be imported as content of the note rather than attaching to the note, but there's a bug in the Windows client that handles this incorrectly. I've filed this bug, thanks.

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This problem still exists. Is it going to be fixed, or am I out of luck?

It may take more than four days to fix the problem. The Windows beta client release cycle seems to be every week or two; even so, that fix might not be scheduled for the next release.

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