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[REQUEST] For a better layout inside the notes

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Hello, everyone, I tried to use the search bar to look for my request, without good results.

The point is this: when I paste one or more images into a note, they always have different sizes, unless I cut them perfectly or I use an editing program to resize them (and this makes me lose a lot of time as well as the images lose the original resolution). 

For a better reading, I think we should be able to choose the maximum images size in every note or for every image (in this way they would be aligned in a really cool way, without lose their resolution). This option already exists for the tables, so I thought it would not so difficult to realise it (by the way, I think there is a bug for this option, because I'm not able to adapt any table using both pixels and percentage method). 

I also think this is a very little improvement, because Evernote already adapts the images simultaneously with the resizing of the window, so it would just be necessary force it to a preset value.

This improvement would be very useful for Web and App view: in fact, I actually have problem with them (specially if I paste images in tables, it's a mess!), the images overlap with each other.

PS. I only talked about images, but please consider the possibility of using the same options for PDF files.



I hope you'll appreciate and consider my little request,


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