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(Archived) In case you missed it: Ask the CEO blog entry

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Thanks for posting this. I'd not read it, but did so after your post.

Regarding the question about archiving...I've got a similar need. What I've done is create a notebook "Obsolete but not deleted" as well as parent tag "Z_archives". The Z forces it to be the last tag entry, since it's rarely used. Underneath that tag, I have child tags reflecting something to remind me about a note or group of notes that I no longer use but hate to delete. IE, some child tags are clients I did work for ~3 years ago. Another tag is simply "obsolete but not deleted." All these "no longer use but hate to delete" notes go into the "Obsolete but not deleted" notebook. Although these notes may still show up in searches, at least it's a way to quickly overlook them (IE -tag:"obsolete but not deleted".) Plus, since EN is supposed to help me remember everything, I may not have remembered I "archived" that info. :lol:

Thanks again!

(Are CEOs allowed to eat & walk around?)

Also, good to finally know where all my unused upload space has been going...

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