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How-To: Recover Note?Miss All!

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My evernote on my Mac has some problems. It kept popping up a window like every 2 seconds and telling me that I can't save profile as "note.html" because my Mac doesn't have enough storage. But I have no idea where the document with "note.html" comes from. So I force quit my evernote.

When I reopened it, All the notes are missing, but they are on the web version. After I sync, it just syncs the note I am working with at that moment, but cannot recover all the notes in the application. Is there a way to recover? Otherwise I have to use the web version to read my previous notes every time. 

And I try to report the problem. But where can I create a new support ticket???!!! When I click the link, it just keeps go back to the overall support page. It is annoyed!

Please Help. Thanks!

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there @Elaine Yang, welcome to the Forums!

Since you mentioned your notes appear properly on the web version, please go ahead and try the following steps:

  • Open Evernote for Mac
  • Hold Option+Shift on your keyboard
  • Click the sync wheel

Please note that this process may take longer than a normal sync.

Please do not follow the above steps unless you are certain you are experiencing the same issue.

Please let me know how this works out for you!

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