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I only use Evernote on 2 devices

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Your email tells me I use Evernote on more than 2 devices. That is simply not true. As I understand it, I can continue to use it at no charge on those 2 devices. I don't see any way for me to communicate to you that I am only using it on 2 devices. (Is it possible that I used it on my old XP computer - the one I've not turned on in months???) 

So, what now? Do I need to verify my 2 legitimate devices to use it at no cost? Will you completely shut me down at the end of the month? I find your communications process to be both frustrating and ineffective. Please advise. 


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Hi.  Welcome to this user forum.  That's not our email,  so we can't comment on your actual use of the app,  but if you go to https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action you'll be able to view and manage all of the devices associated with your account.  I don't think anyone knows what Evernote has in mind for those with 3 or more devices,  but if you still have them in a few weeks I'd imagine that a random selection of devices from No.3 onwards will stop syncing or be unable to log in.

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