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Evernote Quality Metrics

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Hi all! 

I am doing a bit of a research paper on Evernote because I use it so much! Is anyone at Evernote willing to share some specific quality metrics you use to ensure a stable product? 

Whether its insight into some of the QA processes, or what steps Evernote takes into consideration to ensure that users stay connected to the service. What are some of the metrics you track to ensure product stability? 

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide! 

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Here are a couple links that might help. Based on previous experience, I doubt you will get any formal response on the internal Evernote QA processes. 

Back in the good old days, you could bounce questions off Evernote's senior engineer Dave Engberg and he would offer wonderful insights into their operations. But under the current management, the information flow is restricted.

Evernote Architecture (dated 2011)

Security Overview

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