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2 device limit? does it include web access view?

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I got an email from Evernote about the 2 device limt.  I use evernote on various computers at work but only via the web view (through firefox or chrome).  does that also count as one device?  I messaged the Evernote help desk and only got this generic (probably automated) reply.  should be a straight forward answer right?  anyone know?  if I can still access it via web view through a browser, I might keep using evernote, otherwise it's not feasible to keep using Evernote. . 

Benjamin Rossier (Evernote Help and Learning)

Jul 4, 04:56 PDT

Thank you for reaching out to the Evernote team.

We’ve received your Support request and want to help get you to the right place. With Evernote Basic you can find answers to your questions directly on our Forums or on our Help and Learning Center.

Here is a link from our help and learning center regarding your request:Devices FAQ

Kind Regards,


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