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(Archived) Error found in Custom UI XML of "Evernote Outlook Clipper"

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I got the following error when opening an existing email in Outlook 2007 on a WinXP system.
Error found in Custom UI XML of "Evernote Outlook Clipper":

Line: 1

Column: 254

Error Code 0xC00CEE24

Quote expected.

Interesting... Can you describe in more detail how to reproduce the problem? Do you see this happening with some particular email message? If so, could you share it with us by forwarding it to support@evernote.com?

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The error occurs when OPENING any email I receive or send. It does not occur when viewing an email in the Reading Pane. (meaning, it's an issue only when I have to double-click an email to open it in a separate window). I do not get the error when composing a New Mail Message. Nor does it occur when opening an existing Appointment or Contact.

The error dialog has two selectable options - "Ok" and "Ok to All". Selecting "Ok to All" stops the error from popping up for the remainder of the session (i.e., until I restart Outlook)

Also, when I open an individual email, there is no "Add to Evernote" button. Should there be?


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