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Images All Messed Up

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Hello folks,

I've been building "want lists" in Evernote for various items I want to get as part of my (many) collections. What I've been doing is adding a table to a note and then inserting the images into that table to keep them nicely organised. While this works wonderfully on PC it becomes a garbled mess on Android. As the phone is what I'd mostly be using when I'm out in stores looking for goodies this is rather annoying. Is there any way this could be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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This seems like a particular case of the general difficulty of managing both image sizes and table cell sizes in the Android app. Basically, you've found the point where these two problems converge, and had the misfortune to station yourself there. :)

As a basic workaround (which you've probably already thought of), it might be best to photograph the goodies into individual notes on the phone, and then organize the photos into tables later on the PC, where images can be dragged from one note to another, and maybe even into a table cell (though I haven't tried that).

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You could save your images into separate notes as @Dave-in-Decatur says and either list them with a Table of Contents note - you could then switch backward and forward from image to list quickly,  and keeping different ToC notes keeps your various interests separate.  Once you have links in a ToC note it would be pretty easy to add them to a table without the bloat that a picture will give you,  if that layout is preferred.

To enable the switching,  set up a template note for your image which has the ToC note link already in place.  Copy the note and save it in your notebook,  then copy that note link into your list.

Only drawback - most of that has to be done on a desktop,  but looking at details on your phone should be easy.

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